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YIN | 尹仁龙 (born in 1995, Tianmen) lives in Rome. He is majoring in a master’s degree in Theology of Religions at Pontifical Gregorian University. Precedently, he graduated from the Faculty of Church's History and Cultural Heritage (2019, Gregoriana), during which time he was a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Previously, he studied Electrical Engineering.

His topics of interest are philosophy, inculturation of religionsphotography and computer science. At the same time, he maintained a keen interest in natural sciences, especially in astrophysics and biology.
He started photography career in 2009 and owned a personal website, which the main content shows his photography works and his poetries. He has held his photography exhibitions in Wuhan and Italy. His online photographic collection “Cecilia Genova, 2016-present” is constantly updating.
YIN is also a cycling enthusiast: in 2014, he had ridden 1,300 kilometres in China and completed the cyclist journey from Wuhan to Qingdao; in Italy, the total mileage he had ridden was 9,100 kilometres. Among them, he performed the “cicloturismo” of 1,000 kilometres from Rome to Bergamo in 2017, and a one-day 13 hours endurance racing of 180 kilometres from Rome to Pescara – Trek Madone 5.2 is his most solid partner during these 4 years.
Besides, he also works as a web designer. His commissioned works include the Spanish version of the prestigious magazine La Civiltà Cattolica en Español (LACIVILTACATTOLICA.ES, 2021), the Chinese version of the La Civiltà Cattolica (GJWM.ORG, 2020), the official website of Choir of the Pontifical Gregorian University (2019); and the brochure and poster design of a conference of celebrating Raphael on the 500th anniversary of his death (2020).
Although there is not much frequency, he also wrote articles about innovative idea of computer science: one of the items is about “creating a high-fidelity decoder with Raspberry Pi“.
Finally, as a member of the Choir of Pontifical Gregorian University, he has been a tenor since 2016.
His resume can be found here.

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